Haida Gwaii - Langara Island

What a beautiful place - Haida Gwaii is truly magnificent.

The helicopter ride on HeliJet north to Langara Island provided incredible views of rugged coastline as far as they eye could see. The great team at Langara Island Lodge have provided all the amenities needed to access some remarkable locations to capture with the Trekker and their guides well versed in all things Langara. How many remote lodges offer a mono rail as a mode of transportation from the docks to the lodge? 

We were fortunate enough to trek into Flower Pot Rock, an infusion of mixed rock and flora which has taken the shape of a giant flower pot along the Langara Island shoreline. Dinner at the lodge was amazing and it was great to hear the stories from other guests about their water adventures which included orca and humpback whale sightings off the coast.

Stay tuned for more adventures with the Google Trekker from northern British Columbia!