Haida Gwaii - Kiusta


Today I was one of few who got to “sleep in”. Due to the Trekker needing optimal daylight, I stayed behind this morning until the rest of the crew came back from their sunrise shoots which had started at 5am.  

The plan for today started out great, but the execution was less than ideal.  We ventured out to Pillar Rock to do some trekking and get some photography done. Since the tides fluctuate so much up here, we needed a special boat for us to go ashore. It wasn’t the greatest weather, but we decided to go ahead and make it to shore in hopes of a window of opportunity and we could get some work done.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the area and taking some pictures with our own gear which was great. We stayed around for close to an hour hoping the rain would let up, but it kept coming in sideways with all the wind, so no luck at Pillar Rock.  

The afternoon plan was to explore Kiusta (a Haida Village in the rainforest) and hike to Lepas Bay. Again, this was an imperfect plan with weather and other factors.  We were lucky enough to be able to meet Max and Blake who are both Haida Watchmen! We walked along the beach with them and they gave us a tour of their cabin and of Kiusta.  After Kiusta we started off on the trail towards Lepas Bay; the trail winds its way through old growth forest that’s covered as far as you can see in moss.  The trail is approximately 20-30 minutes before it opens up to an expansive wide beach with open ocean ahead of you. Instantly I thought that this place would be amazing for surfing! You have gorgeous green water with rolling waves, with old growth forest behind you. 

So, not the most successful day for Trekking, although the weather did cooperate so we could explore Kiusta.  We’re quickly learning that the weather is very unpredictable up in this area, and it could be blue skies one minute and not 10 minutes later it will be raining sideways!