Haida Gwaii - Langara Island continued

What a busy day today! We were able to do a lot of the Trekker from the water, unfortunately not many shore excursions due to the nature of the shoreline, but we were able to map out many coves on Langara Island.  Coho Point, Andrews Point, Langara Rocks (which had dozens of sea lions!), Pillars Rock and Iphigenia Point were all included. It was another early rise, so we were able to map out all of these locations by lunch! 

In the afternoon, we revisited Max and Blake, the Haida Watchmen, who took us back to Lepas Bay with the Trekker. We came at the right time too, as we were able to walk around the back and visit the Rediscovery Camp, which hosts kids camps that focus on the Haida Culture.  We were lucky enough to have Max and Blake join us for dinner that night. It was a relaxed atmosphere and they shared stories about the Watchmen, their family and their culture.