Haida Gwaii - moving on to Masset


It was our last day on Langara Island, and since I’ve been working and Trekking so much, I decided to treat myself in the morning and go fishing.  The weather was beautiful, but the fish weren’t interested.  As it always seems to be, just as we decided to pack it in, we got a bite! I brought aboard a little alb halibut that I gifted to the Haida Watchmen, thanking them for being such gracious hosts. 


After that, it was back to the Lodge to pack up the rest of our gear and catch our help back to Masset so we could start the second half of our Haida Gwaii adventure.  Once back in Masset, there wasn’t a lot of down time. With fantastic weather, we couldn’t let it go to waste! I was off to hike Agate Beach, North Beach, Tow Hill and the Blow Hole.  It’s very tough to say which one of these was my favorite hike.  Agate Beach offers great opportunities for beach combing and crabbing, whereas North Beach has long sandy beaches as far as you can see!

Tow Hill offers amazing views of Agate Beach and South Shore, as well as overlooking North Beach towards Rose Spit.  The Blow Hole is a pretty powerful place when the tide is coming in.  The power of the waves, coming through the rock formation, shoots water like a geyser 30 feet in the air which is something people need to see in person to get the full experience. 

Another long day with the Trekker, but amazing views and hiking trails. Being back on Haida Gwaii, I’m passing a lot of other travelers on the trails, who have all been very curious and supportive of the Google Trekker program, and are very excited to see the end result!