Haida Gwaii - the Pesuta

Today started out by packing up all of our gear since we’re leaving the Alaska View Lodge for our new home: All The Beach You Can Eat, located right in Naikoon Provincial Park

Our first stop today's the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary. While there we met Peter and Margo who showed us the sanctuary and the many birds that call it home.  Afterwards it was back down to Skidegate to visit the Haida Heritage Centre again to pick up a camera that one of our photographers forgot there yesterday! Since we were there, we decided to have lunch at the Kay Bistro again which didn’t disappoint. 

It was then on to the Pesuta Shipwreck - the hike that I’ve been most looking forward to doing since I found out I was coming to Haida Gwaii!  The trail starts off with a nice walk through the forest over boardwalks and bridges.  It then opens up to a stream and marshy area that you walk along until you hit the beach.  You can actually see the Pesuta from over a kilometre away. With it being a flat beach with some drift wood lining the banks behind you, it’s a nice walk with the southern winds in your face.  The actual shipwreck lived up to my expectations.  It’s fascinating to see a wreck up close and to be in the presence of such rich history, knowing it was beached on this shore so long ago. It has become an iconic landmark in Haida Gwaii with thousands of people visiting it over the years.

Tomorrow's plan is to visit Rose Spit and see the long sandy beaches, sage grass and the very northeastern tip of Haida Gwaii. I’m also excited about our dinner plans tomorrow night - more about that in the next posting!