Haida Gwaii - Rose Spit


I had a bright and early start this morning with the Google Trekker.  After meeting up with a local surfer, we drove out to Rose Spit Point, the very northeastern tip of Haida Gwaii, to trek along the sandy shore.  It was a great way to watch the sun rise with sage grass blowing in the wind, and sea lions lined along the shore.

The afternoon was spent at the Haida Heritage Centre again, exploring more of the islands'  culture and history.  We then continued on to Queen Charlotte City did some sea kayaking around the inlets and islands. 

Dinner was at Roberta Olson’s Keenawaii’s Kitchen.  We were treated to an authentic Haida meal, complete with octopus, smoked salmon, dried seaweed, halibut, oolichan, rice salad, and veggies.  They also performed some songs for us before and after we finished eating which was beautiful.  Roberta spoke at length about how all food is harvested locally, nothing was imported, which made it all very authentic.

Unfortunately, this is my last post from Haida Gwaii. I’m flying home to Terrace tomorrow to pass the Google Trekker over to my co-worker Blaine, who will be adventuring on the Skeena.