Tumbler Ridge - waterfall haven


Tumbler Ridge was my first adventure with the Google Trekker and it was incredible! Tasha and I arrived Sunday afternoon and immediately went hiking with Sarah Waters from the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark. She was an amazing host and showed us around all week. The TR Point Trail was a beautiful afternoon hike overlooking the Flatbed and Murray River Valleys and is approximately 4km long. 

The following day we took the Trekker on a jet boat tour with Wild River Adventure Tours up the Murray River to the bottom of Kinuseo Falls in Monkman Provincial Park. The trip up the river was already beautiful, but the sight of Kinuseo Falls is incredible. With this waterfall being taller than Niagara Falls, it is such an impressive sight to see and experience.

Later that day we went and visited the Cabin Pool Trackway, an approximately 2km long hike where you can view dinosaur footprints! They are located all along the bottom of the trail and really give you a sense of how large the dinosaurs were.

On Tuesday we helicoptered into a few more remote locations that can accessed from Tumbler Ridge, including the Cascades, Monkman Lake, Monkman Tarns and Wapiti Lake.

We were trekking alongside of amazing waterfalls. The Cascades are a series of stunning waterfalls and some of the ones that we captured with the Google Trekker were Brook, Monkman, McGinnis, Lower and Upper Falls.

My personal favourite was Monkman Lake. Its location is remote and it's a 25 km hike to the hidden lake, surrounded by mountains. The view from the campsite is like nothing else, and reminded me of a larger Lake Louise -- but without the hotel and all the tourists.

Our third landing of the day was Monkman Tarns which is a sub-alpine plateau region along Monkman Memorial Pass Trail. The fourth landing was at the cabin at Wapiti Lake which is located at the inlet to Feller Lake as well has some open beaches along the trail.