The Hazeltons


Trekking in the Hazeltons was absolutely incredible!

Flying over the peak of Roche de Boule Mountain in a helicopter is something I won’t soon forget – if you are able to go on an aerial sightseeing tour of the area, I would definitely recommend it. The pilots at Canadian Helicopters are great tour guides.

One hike that I recommend (and it is one of my new all-time favourites) is the Blue Lakes Recreation Trail. The colour of the water is absolutely incredible — and what could be better than a waterfall cascading into the lake… wow! The 5km hike was well worth it.

Another highlight of the Hazleton area was taking the Trekker on a jet boat through the Bulkley River Canyon. We started at the boat launch in Old Hazelton and twisted and turned through high canyon rock walls all the way to Hagwilget Canyon Bridge – what an incredible ride! The view from below the bridge is something you shouldn’t miss. There is also a trail down to below the bridge if you would rather hike from the top.

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